Monthly Archives: March 2010

Memorial Day with Dad

My dad felt the urge to come hang out and go camping in the mountains not long ago, so he made the 10 hour drive from Kansas City and picked me up on his way to visit some friends in Buena Vista.  We were near Cottonwood Pass and the Continental divide while we stayed with some friends that run Spring Canyon.  It’s a great facility, if you ever have a group that wants to enjoy the best the mountains have to offer you should check them out.  They have great lodging, food, and activities.

We took whatever road Spring Canyon past a few nice lakes until it turned into an old mining road.  We took it as far is it would take us into Mineral Basin on the Continental divide. It was really cool to see a water source running out of the side of the mountain knowing that this was the starting point of all water headed East.

We climbed a bit of a peak that I’m not sure of it’s name, but made it just above the treeline before calling it quits.  There is a site that documents the drive and the area really well at