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Cool tent repair stuff : Tenacious Tape

A few weeks ago I went on a camping trip near the base of Mt. Evans just outside of Idaho Springs, CO.  It was a fun trip for one of my buddies birthdays, and the weather is what you would expect of April in the mountains.  It was sunny and 70 during the afternoons, and the mornings and evenings gave us temps in the teens, rain, ice, and snow.  While setting up my tent (REI Hoodoo 3) I finally did find the rip in the rain fly that I was unable to find before.  I didn’t have a patch kit at the time, so I used some duct tape to cover it up.  The tape held through the weekend and survived being covered in ice droplets throughout the night.  I managed to stay warm and dry through the weekend which means the tent did its job.

On my return to civilization I picked up some repair tape from my local REI in downtown Denver.  I picked this stuff up for $4.50 and it has made my tent look brand new.  This stuff is really cool, its a coated nylon that seems to be waterproof and has a great adhesive that is advertised as a non residue glue.  I have packed and unpacked the fly a few times since I made the fix and it seems to be holding strong.  The platinum white color is almost a perfect match for my tent so you can barely tell it was even fixed.  I was reminded by the guy who helped me figure out what I need, and again by another guy who cashed me out to be sure to round the corners to help keep it from catching anything and ripping off.  I already knew that, but it’s nice to deal with a friendly staff that knows what they’re talking about.  I guess sometimes paying the higher prices is worth it when you get good advice.