Moab This Weekend

We are currently planning  a trip to Moab, Utah this weekend and I am getting pretty pumped.  Just picked up a 6 gallon water jug since we won’t be close to any potable water sources.  I love new gear no matter how unexciting it sounds.  Luckily we will be car camping so we should be pretty comfortable.  The weather is looking perfect for a little beer drinking, fishing, hiking, and dabbling in the Colorado River even though its gonna be moving quickly and freezing.  I’ve never been and am hoping to get some good pictures.

We don’t plan on mountain biking this time around despite the fact that it is the main attraction that people fly in from all over the world to do.  Just not in mountain biking shape yet so we figure we will get a lay of the land for our first trip out.

There are 9 of us going, 8 of which have never been there so everyone is pretty stoked about checking out some new terrain, plus it’s always nice to switch it up a bit and get out of the city.  Everyone we have talked to says its an amazing place and we will want to go back time and time again.

Hopefully the fishing is good.  It looks like we will be there at the peak of the Rainbow and Cutthroat  spawning season.  They put up a pretty good fight, and I’m regretting not dialing in my fly fishing skills yet.  Not to worry though, I’ve got plenty of my fishing gear from my fishing days back in Ohio.  Hopefully we can pull in enough trout for a dinner for everyone one night, and  land  some catfish overnight by tight lining the Colorado River for a nice shore breakfast.


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