YakTrax Winter Traction

I got a great package in the mail just a few days before my birthday last week: a box full of YakTrax products.  In the box were YakTrax Walkers, YakTrax Pros, and their new XTR Extremes.  Matt Lacuesta YakTrax gear testI am very excited to have the opportunity to test all these products out and will be keeping up on reviews throughout the winter.  I have also loaned some pairs out to get other opinions and to get them out in different conditions for different uses.  I recently loaned out the Pro’s to someone who is working for the next month in Northern Manitoba in sub zero temperatures to test the durability of the rubber.

I’ve got some great places I’d like to take all of these products to, especially the XTR’s.  Not sure where you can purchase them yet, but I do know that you can buy them online direct from YakTrax.

Thanks to the folks at YakTrax for the opportunity to review these products, and also thanks for all the hand warmers too!  How considerate!

Other posts I would like to get up soon: Snowshoeing and my winter sleep system.


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4 responses to “YakTrax Winter Traction

  • Marc

    I bought a pair of the Yak Trax Pros last year and they worked great. I’ve used them for everything from quick hikes down on some front range trails, to a climb up Grays and Torres. They provide excellent traction on everything from packed snow to ice. So far I haven’t had any issues with the coils cutting through the rubber, but I have only had them for one season. On my old boots, they did tend to rotate around a little on the bottom of the boot, however, this didn’t impact their ability to provide traction (just more of a nuisance). I’ll be interested to see if they do the same with my new boots. I look forward to hearing about your experience with them.

    • buckeyeblueduck

      I have been wondering if size of shoe depends on how well it performs. For example: one tester is a Womens size 6.5 and the small fits a size 6.5-10. I would assume the size 10 will have a tighter grip, and therefore not move around so much. I will be testing the Pro’s and XTR’s with 4 different boots just to see how well they work.

  • jasonklass

    I haven’t had a chance to try mine out yet so I’m looking forward to your review. The Walkers are OK but sometimes you need more traction on ice and I think the XTRs are going to be the way to go. -Jason

    • buckeyeblueduck

      We were able to run around on Duck Creek a bit this weekend to see how they were. I will work this week to put together some initial impressions. No falls occurred so that’s a good start. Sent you an email about another testing opportunity, let me know what you think.

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