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This is my 1995 Toyota 4Runner Limited for sale.  4×4, Tow Package, Leather, CD, Sunroof.  Interior is in fair shape for the age, no major rips/tears in seats.  Less than 150k miles.  I bought this as my 3rd 4Runner thinking I would get it past 275k miles like my previous two did, but head gasket issues and not being able to afford the fix are forcing me to sell.

Interior: Leather, pretty good shape for being 17 years old.

Body:I brought this out from Ohio where they use a lot of salt during winter and 4Runners up until the 96 model have rust issues in areas like that, so the body has some rust.

Engine:  I took the truck into a shop and they ran emissions tests and said that due to some gas in my exhaust they could tell that the head gasket was going bad.  I spoke to them and 2 other shops including a dealership, and the cost for a proper fix is $1800.

The truck runs, but the pressure from a leaky gasket caused a radiator hose on the engine to dislodge.  Once the truck runs for a few minutes you start loosing coolant so I haven’t ran the engine in a while.

I would rate this truck in Good condition other than the engine issues, but take a look at the Blue Book here

I am going based off of the Fair price of $4490 but only asking $1250.  It’s a great truck, I just don’t have the money to fix it up right now.  Currently in the Baker district

If you are still interested please email me your name and number to set up a time to take a look.


Interior is in good shape for being 15 years old

V-6 3.0L engine and not the 4 cylinder 2.4L

Tires have less than 5k miles on them.


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