Gear Resources

There are a lot of places to get your gear. The internet is an amazing resource, but I’ve also found that the best deals are found while digging around in a bin in the back of a store. Though I regularly browse online, most of my purchases are made in a store.  I am fortunate enough to have places nearby considering Denver has a large market for this kind of stuff, and coming from Ohio I realize that not everyone has the kind of access that we do.

Wilderness Exchange Unlimited – Closeouts and factory seconds on good gear.  Prices are pretty good.  You may pay $100 for a new Patagonia down sweater, but that’s better than paying $175-$225 for it down the street at the Patagonia store.  They also have a good selection of used gear that is always fun to look through, its like treasure hunting.

Boulder Sports Recycler – One of the coolest stores around.  Take the used/consignment gear of Wilderness Exchange and make it into a 2 story auto garage.  The store is a no frills kind of place but has awesome stuff.  Bikes, parts, skis, boots, boards, kayaking, climbing, camping, and the list goes on and on.  I love the handwritten cardboard sign at the entrance that reminds you not to talk on the cell phone in there.

REI – Has just about everything you need if you want a one stop shop. Pretty expensive, find what you need there, play around with it in the store, and buy it somewhere else. – An extension of REI this has better deals.

Neptune Mountaineering – Just a really cool high end store in Boulder.  Main attraction is their fleet of Hilleberg tents and the Mountaineering Museum. – A cool online store with competitive prices. – Watches closeout deals at several sites including  Good deals can be found if you keep your eyes open and visit frequently. – Ever expanding inventory.  I ordered some Ferro Rods after Jason Klass recommended this site.  Had a slight hiccup with shipping, but they answered emails quickly and took care of it right away.  Good service and quality products. – I love what this company is doing. They have a new Re-Routt line that is made of recycled stuff.  I really like that they sell demo stuff directly from the manufacturer as well at BIG discounts. – extension of the Big Agnes store.


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