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Holiday Season is over: time to take out the new gear. (oh ya, happy New Year!)

It has been a hectic holiday season this year and it feels good to finally be able to relax and catch a breath.  Now that the travel is over and the guests have gone home, it is time to get back into the mountains to play.

In the coming days and weeks I plan to go over a few new things I’ve picked up lately.  First of all, I was able to do some testing of the YakTrax XTR Extremes that the folks at YakTrax sent over for me to review, so that will be at the top of the priority list.  The crew over at Katoohla was nice enough to send me a few pairs of MICROspikes to test out as well but I haven’t had a chance to do too much with those yet.

My wonderfully thoughtful girlfriend knows me so well that she picked up a Garmin 60CSX gps for me this year and I am excited to get out there and get things going.