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Successful Trip

Our trip to Moab, UT was a huge success.  We saw some awesome terrain, went on some nice hikes, and had a good time with the crew that came along.  We didn’t get any mountain biking in this time around, but I think it was best for everyones safety as only 1 out of 9 of us were experienced mountain bikers.  We found an amazing site at the slickrock campground in site C-2 (you need to camp there, just not while we are trying to) which gave us a great 360 view of the area and looked down on the Slickrock mountain biking area.  Sunsets were beautiful and the beers and campfire with friends was as good as it gets.

We were able to hike out to Corona Arch which is not in Arches National Park so we were pleasantly surprised to see people rappelling down the arch which I guess is legal since its not in the park.  I think we will try to bring out the proper gear to do this next time we are out there.  The hike is a moderate hike about 2 miles off of the road near a big group campground near the river.  Normally I am pretty good about directions and where we were, but was so taken in by the surroundings that I was unable to pay attention. 

We also found our way to a few nice swimming holes in some canyon which I cannot remember, although I will always remember how cold the water was.  We were not far from the mountain where the snow melt was creating the stream we were in, but it was FREEZING.  I’ve been in some extremely cold water before, but this was by far the coldest.  I would say it was probably around 40 degrees or so and very refreshing.  All of these images were taken by people on the trip, and I will be working on putting together a photo album or something so everyone can put in the rest of the images.

The only other thing about the trip that I can think of was that I was able to pick up a 6 gallon Blitz water jug here in Denver at the Army Surplus store for about $12 which was $5 cheaper than the ones at REI.  It came in really handy while in Moab, especially for the group.  We went through 6 gallons per day which seems pretty amazing considering how much other liquids were consumed.  We were able to refill our tank in town each day at an awesome shop in town called GearHeads.  If you are ever in Moab, this is one shop you need to go.  They have all the gear you see in outdoor gear shops here in Denver, and then some.  Its amazing the gear they pack into the space that they have, and whats more, their prices are competitive with any other place I’ve seen the stuff they carry.   It’s nice going into a “touristy” area and not be subjected to obscene pricing.