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YakTrax Winter Traction

I got a great package in the mail just a few days before my birthday last week: a box full of YakTrax products.  In the box were YakTrax Walkers, YakTrax Pros, and their new XTR Extremes.  Matt Lacuesta YakTrax gear testI am very excited to have the opportunity to test all these products out and will be keeping up on reviews throughout the winter.  I have also loaned some pairs out to get other opinions and to get them out in different conditions for different uses.  I recently loaned out the Pro’s to someone who is working for the next month in Northern Manitoba in sub zero temperatures to test the durability of the rubber.

I’ve got some great places I’d like to take all of these products to, especially the XTR’s.  Not sure where you can purchase them yet, but I do know that you can buy them online direct from YakTrax.

Thanks to the folks at YakTrax for the opportunity to review these products, and also thanks for all the hand warmers too!  How considerate!

Other posts I would like to get up soon: Snowshoeing and my winter sleep system.